ODC Low Peak Canopy Fittings for Greenhouse, Carport, Tent, Shelter, G – Heavy Duty Canopy Kits

ODC Low Peak Canopy Fittings for Greenhouse, Carport, Tent, Shelter, Gazebo Frames. Footpads, Legs/Roof Poles Not Included.

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Listing is for Connectors ONLY. Does not include Foot-pads nor the Poles to form the legs or roof.


Designed to withstand snow load.

These Fittings are constructed from Galvanized Steel Metal Fittings; which means they are Rust & Corrosion proof.

  • They are fabricated using commercial grade 16 gauge steel - which means they will last a lifetime with proper usage.
  • They are designed to be used on 1-3/8 inch galvanized steel fence pipes for durability and design stability. The pipes go inside the fittings
  • The Fence pipes required to form the legs and the roof link pipes are not included in sale. It is more economical to get them from your local hardware dealer than from online source (primarily due to associated cost of shipping).
  • With this kit you will be building a commercial grade frame that is portable, versatile, durable and heavy duty.
  • This Kit is Ideal for Low Peak Canopy, Carport, Event Tent, Greenhouse, Gazebo, Shelter, etc.
  • With this kit you can build shelter of the any size you desire.
  • You can Weld the parts or use Bolt to hold them together if you wish to build a fixed structure. If you plan to dismantle frequently we recommend you not bolt or weld; because the fitting hold very snugly to the pipes as long as you use the right pipes.


    • SET UP GUIDE: -Upon Request we can send you the required pipe specifications required to complete your project customized to your specific need.
    • IDEAL FOR - Greenhouse, Deck Canopy, Carport, Shelter, Tent, Shed, Pool Cover.
    • CONSTRUCTION- Heavy Duty 16 Gauge, Galvanized Steel.
    • DESIGNED FOR- use with 1-3/8 inch fence pipes (not included in sale)


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